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                             NEWS FOR JANUARY 26/15


A man is in custody after allegedly injuring RCMP officers during an arrest in Hants County.
Michael Thiebaux Jr. faces multiple charges, including attempting to disarm a police officer, following an incident Friday night.
RCMP officers responded to a complaint of an assault on a 25-year-old woman in Indian Brook shortly after 10 p.m.
Thiebaux also faces charges of assaulting a police officer and uttering threats.

Environment Canada is warning of a winter storm that's expected to start in parts of the Maritimes overnight.
Although there's some uncertainty about the storm, snow is forecast to begin in southwest areas of the province with 15 to 25 centimetres falling across the province's mainland before it turns into rain tomorrow evening.

Police in Cape Breton are investigating the death of a 17-year-old boy who was struck by a car while riding his bike.
Officers with the regional police service say they found Devin William Gilbert in serious condition on the road Saturday night.
Gilbert was taken to Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Halifax, where he died Sunday morning.
Police say a 24-year-old man from Mill Creek was driving in the same direction as the cyclist on Point Aconi Road and struck him from behind.
They are asking anyone with information about the accident to contact them.

Prime Minister Harper says he'll try to make economic and public safety issues the main focus of the next parliamentary session when the House of Commons resumes sitting today.
Harper reiterated his Conservative government's agenda during a campaign-style speech near Ottawa yesterday.
Though the recent oil-price collapse has sucked billions out of the federal treasury and forced a budget delay, Harper says he still intends to balance the budget this year and green-light all the pre-election tax goodies he pledged last year. 

A Montreal trucker will go on trial almost 2 years after a 6 year old Bedford boy was killed on the 101 near Windsor.
Mohammad Younus was not in Windsor court Friday when his trial date was set for June 22nd.
He's charged with dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing bodily harm after his tractor trailer slammed into a vehicle at a highway construction site in Falmouth causing a chain reaction collision that killed one and injured 3 others.

Two people face charges after a drug bust in Bear River.
Police seized almost 150 marijuana plants in various stages of growth and 800 grams of marijuana after searching a residence Tuesday.
A 51 year old man and 55 year old woman have been charged with productuion of marijuana.

The Opposition is accusing a senior Liberal cabinet minister of violating the province's Conflict of Interest Act.
Tory critic Chris d'Entremont alleges Michel Samson violated the act because the minister was "not truthful or forthright to the public'' when responding to reporters' questions about the Yarmouth to Maine ferry.
The letter says Samson was unequivocal when he said the government had not given the ferry operators more than the $26 million in public funds already disclosed.
d'Entremont says Samson wasn't being truthful because the minister confirmed he had known about $2.5 million in additional spending since Dec. 23.

There's a new development in a 20 year long tax battle that still wages on more than two and a half years after a Supreme Court of Canada decision in the case.
A federal panel has valued Halifax's Citadel Hill at 41.2 million dollars, which is about 37.6 million more than what Ottawa argued the national historic site was worth.
The two sides went before the panel last summer to help determine how much Ottawa owes the city in back taxes for the prime piece of real estate.

Team Taves beat Team Fo-leeno 17-12 in the NHL All-Star-Game, making it the highest scoring NHL All-Star Game on record.


At the NFL Pro-Bowl, Team Irvin beat Team Carter 32-28







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