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                             NEWS FOR OCTOBER 23/14

A memorial service for Harley Lawrence will be held today in Berwick at the Serenity Funeral Home on Main St. from 10am until 12pm.
Lawrence died tragically in a fire in a bus shelter on Commercial Street in Berwick last October. 

The legislatures in Fredericton and Halifax were taking added security precautions yesterday after a soldier was gunned down at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.
Security was increased and the legislature was locked down and only people with official passes were allowed to enter. 

The daily proceedings continued in the province yesterday, but 2 extra police officers were called in to beef up sercurity.

Premier Stephen McNeil says the events in Ottawa don't make sense.
Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie says the decision to proceed with house business was the right one.

Friends and families of Kevin Vickers say they aren't surprised that the sergeant-at-arms of the House of Commons intervened in yesterday's attack on Parliament Hill.
Vickers' reportedly shot an assailant.
Dan Bussieres -- the sergeant-at-arms in the New Brunswick legislature and a friend of Vickers -- calls him "a top cop.''
The 58-year-old spent 29 years with the RCMP and also served as aide-de-camp for New Brunswick's lieutenant-governor.

The Court of Appeal has overturned a ruling that ordered the province to cover the costs of medical marijuana for a woman who bought from an unlicensed outlet.
The Nova Scotia Supreme Court ordered the province in February to reimburse Sally Armstrong just over 28 thousand dollars.
She provided invoices for marijuana she bought from the Cannabis Buyers's Club of Canada.
The appeal court has set aside that decision, ruling that the receipts Armstrong provided do not constitute proper documentation.

Businesses in the province that spend more than 15 million dollars in capital projects will be eligible for a tax credit next year.
The credit can be used to offset 15 per cent of their costs.
The province says the measure is aimed at attracting and retaining large manufacturers and processors.
The provincial government estimates the cost of offering the tax credit will be about 30 million annually.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the gunman who attacked Parliament Hill was a terrorist who murdered a Canadian Forces reservist in cold blood.
He said the killing of a soldier at the National War Memorial and a shootout inside Parliament was a terrorist act -- and an attack on Canadian values.
Harper said he's confident the attack will strengthen Canada's resolve to track down would-be terrorists at home and help our allies rout out terrorists in Iraq.
The gunman was identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, who was born in 1982 and was known to police in Montreal and Vancouver.
He was reportedly shot dead by the sergeant-at-arms of the House of Commons, Kevin Vickers. 

The soldier shot and killed at the National War Memorial has been identified as Corporal Nathan Cirillo of Hamilton.
He served with the city's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
His Facebook profile portrays Cirillo as an animal lover, outdoor enthusiast and fitness buff -- and he was a father to a six-year-old boy.
David Cirillo expressed anger at the killing in a Facebook posting, saying the man who shot his cousin "point blank'' destroyed his whole family "for life.'' 

With charges now laid in Monday's discovery of six decomposing babies in a Winnipeg storage locker, more details are emerging about the suspect.

Forty-year-old Andrea Giesbrecht is charged with six counts of concealing a body and one of breaching probation.

Police don't yet know the identities of the infants, how they died, or if they're related to Giesbrecht, who rented the unit.

Court documents show Giesbrecht was sentenced to two years of probation last month for defrauding an elderly neighbour of several-thousand dollars.

The mayor of Ottawa calls yesterday a sad and tragic day for the city and the country.
Jim Watson made the comments after Ottawa police delivered the grim news that a soldier shot twice at point-blank range at the War Memorial has died.
Watson told residents to think of the guard who was killed and how he was taken from his family and denied his future.
Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau also says a suspect was shot dead inside the Parliament buildings by the sergeant-at-arms.
The Ottawa Civic Hospital says it has two patients in stable condition.
Police will not confirm that there are any other suspects still on the loose.
Officials will only say people should be vigilant and report anything suspicious.   

Canadian Forces bases across the country, such as 14 Wing Greenwood and Camp Aldershot outside Kentville, had been asked to take precautions appropriate to their environments to ensure the safety and security of personnel, equipment and buildings.

Kings RCMP are looking for help in finding who was responsible for vandalism at the West Kings High School football field.
It happened sometime after the team played Sunday and according to the Mounties they have video showing a light colored car and a dark truck driving behind the school at approximately 10:30 Sunday night.
They'd like anyone who might have information to give them a call.
The field was extensively damaged and will need a lot of work to repair it.

A Kings County resident wants to spread the word about the danger of animal traps.
Krystol Bell says she was running with her dog on Butler Road off Highway 12 when the dog got caught in a trap near the edge of the road.
She contacted Natural Resources only to find out traps are allowed on roads not maintained by the Department of Transportation.
She says the dog will be fine, she just wants to prevent other accidental trappings by letting people know that a trap could be on a non public road or path and doesn't have to be marked.

The deputy minister of Health says it will take at least another two years to modernize the fee-code structure doctors use to bill for their services.
Peter Vaughn told the legislature's public accounts committee the fee schedule has not kept up with technological change and a project is ongoing to address that problem.
Vaughn says work that began a year ago will also help address fee monitoring problems flagged in a report released in May by the auditor general.
The report said the department pays about $251 million per year to doctors under plans that are not fee-for-service, but didn't know if the contract requirements were being met.

Sales of locally produced wine, cider and craft beer went up over the summer at Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation outlets.
Total sales between June 30 and Sept. 28 reached $169 million, a slight increase when compared with the same period last year.
Profits rose by $2.1 million to $69 million.
The company says the sale of cider and craft beer had especially big gains, up 62.8 per cent to $400,000 and 28.9 per cent to $1.5 million, respectively.
Wine sales went up 9.4 per cent to $3.5 million.

The Royals toppled the Giants 7-2 in Game 2 of the World Series.


The Edmonton Oilers showed their support for Ottawa with a moment of silence prior to their game against the Washington Capitals. Edmonton beat Washington 3-2.


The scheduled game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators in the nation's capital last night was postponed after shootings in the city. A make-up date has yet to be announced.





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