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                           NEWS FOR MARCH 27/2015


Residents of Annapolis County are being warned by Emergency Management officials of the increased risk of flooding this year.
Regional EMO co-ordinator Dave McCoubrey says there's a significant amount of snow on the North and South Mountains that increases the potential of flooding as it melts and water rushes onto the Valley floor.
He says residents need to be especially vigilant this spring, particularly those who live along the Annapolis River or its tributaries.

No change in tax rates in Windsor this year.
Council has approved a budget that keeps the residential rate at $1.90 and the commercial rate at $3.99.
Council has also given notice it's pulling out of Kings Transit in six months.
For every person who uses the bus, council ends up paying over 31 dollars.

No increases in Wolfville's tax rates, but that doesn't necessarily mean there won't be higher tax bills, that depends on your assessment.
Council has approved a 9.55 million dollar operating budget that keeps the residential tax rate at $1.43 and the commercial rate at $3.55.
Council has allocated 3.7 million dollars for capital projects, but nothing major for Main Street.

A milestone for one of the Atlantic region's best known coffee roasters.
It's been 20 years since Just Us! started roasting small batches of coffee in the basement of a tiny house in New Minas.
Since then Canada's first fair trade coffee roaster has expanded to a bigger facility in Hortonville and has opened two coffeehouses in HRM and one in Wolfville.
They have a number of celebrations planned throughout the year.

Two Halifax police officers testified today that former provincial politician Trevor Zinck was belligerent and resistant when he was pulled over for a breathalyzer test.
Const. Dan Kavanaugh says Zinck, who has pleaded not guilty to impaired driving, initially agreed to a breathalyzer but became increasingly unco-operative and began cursing and shouting, asking the police if they knew who he was.
Sgt. Andrew Matthews also testified, saying Zinck told him he ``knew people'' and was going to report his name to them.
Zinck represented Dartmouth North from June 2006 to June 2013.

The Tory Opposition in the province is criticzing the Liberal government after it announced it is hiking one thousand, four hundred user fees.
Fees will be up on a range of items this year, including fishing licenses, environmental assessments and ferries.
Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie says the increases amount to a tax hike, and he's particularly critical on the increase for ferries.
He says that will be a heavy burden for regular users of the service.
Finance Minister Diana Whalen says the increase was adjusted to the cost of living for the past two years and the move is a sign of the fiscal challenges faced by the province.

Justice Minister Lena Metlege Diab has introduced amendments to the Limitation of Actions Act.
Victims of sexual assault will be able to launch civil lawsuits against their abusers regardless of when the offence took place under legislative changes introduced today.
The changes will amend a bill first introduced last fall.
People who said they were sexually abused by Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh lobbied the provincial government for the changes.

Nova Scotia Power and NB Power say they have launched a joint-pilot project that could save up to 20 million dollars a year.
The utility companies say they will jointly optimize their generation fleets.
They say that will improve efficiency and provide long-term cost savings for customers in both provinces.

A man who has pleaded guilty to committing an indecent act on a Toronto-to-Halifax flight has had his case adjourned.
Jason George Chase originally pleaded not guilty, but he later changed his plea to guilty and waived his right to a trial.
Chase was expected to be sentenced today in Dartmouth court, but the case was adjourned and a new date was not set.

Another small hike at the pumps today.
The price of regular gas is up 1.4 cents a litre.
The new price makes it 15.2 cents more expensive than it was 2 months ago.

The power of social media was in evidence in the Valley on Wednesday.
The folks at Milne Court Petro Canada in New Minas went to Facebook to try and catch two men who stole the SPCA donation can from their store.
The two were caught on video surveillance which was posted on their Facebook page.
They had an astonishing 80 thousand views, someone thought they recognized the culprits and charges have been laid against two men.







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