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August 8, 2017

Our 89.3 K-Rock Meadowbrook Meat Market Athlete of the Week is...

Emily Warren of Coldbrook!

Emily Warren has been swimming with the Kentville Marlins for 6 years, since she was 10! On July 4th Emily was admitted into the Valley Regional Hospital Intensive Care Unit with a large blood clot in her left leg and was diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome. Over the next 4 days a procedure was performed introducing a super clot buster and blood thinners into her system. Emily was released on July 7th. On July 9th Emily entered the IWK with another blood clot in her left leg and a smaller clot in her lung. After several days of treatment, the clots in her lung and leg were dissolved. Emily who now wears a full length compression stocking and injects blood thinners into her system every 12 hours has been practicing hard twice a day, all the while helping instruct younger swimmers.

This past weekend, a little over 2 weeks after being released from the IWK, Emily competed in her first 2 Swim Meets of the year. Emily’s love for the sport of swimming and assisting younger swimmers exemplifies what true sportsmanship is! 

Emily wins a $25 Meadowbrook Meat Market gift card and limited edition Athlete of the Week t-shirt! 




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