The Citizen K Hotline is open at 902-365-RANT, 
Call and leave a message 24/7.

Be our Citizen K and give us your thoughts on what’s bugging you!
Peeved at potholes? Government types getting you down?
Something happen to you that you need to vent about?

Listen for topic suggestions and the best calls every day on The Morning Show with Darrin Harvey and Dave Chaulk!

902-365-RANT (7268)

We like to know who we're hearing from, so don't forget to leave us your name.

  • This is a voicemail only phone line. If you need to speak with someone at 89.3 K-Rock, please call 902-365-8930 during regular business hours. You can visit our Contact page anytime for phone numbers and e-mail contacts.

  • By leaving a message on the 89.3 K-Rock Rant Line, you are giving 89.3 K-Rock permission to broadcast your message in its entirety. Broadcasted messages may be edited for time and/ or appropriate content.

  • The opinions expressed on The Citizen K Hotline and broadcast may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of 89.3 K-Rock or its sponsors.


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