Our teachers shape our communities from pre-school to post-secondary!

We want to celebrate the educators of the Annapolis Valley by awarding the 89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month with awesome prizes and lots of on-air high fives! 

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On the last Friday of every month, Uncle Darrin will announce the
89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month!

The Teacher of the Month wins:

A 1 hour massage from Julie Skaling Physiotherapy Clinic  

$100 gift certificate for OK Tire (get a wheel alignment or oil change) from Wanda Graves 

 $50 gift card to the Head Shoppe 


Lunch for the entire class from Swiss Chalet 

Thank-you to our sponsors:

Julie Skaling Physiotherapy Clinic

Wanda Graves Re/Max Nova 

The Head Shoppe

Swiss Chalet

Our Teacher of The Month For:  

June 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Rob Davies 

Teacher's School: West Hants Middle School 

Why do you think this teacher should be the 89.3 K-Rock Teacher of the Month? 

"He works at West Hants Middle School and spends a lot of time volunteering. During the hockey season he coached Avon View Girls hockey team. During the spring he is now coaching the Avon View girls softball team after school. He just returned from Ottawa where he took the students for the 2018 Canada Wide Science Fair. It’s safe to say that he is involved in all aspects of school life both during school hours and after school.

Proud to call him my friend and I hope that he is chosen as a teacher of the month.


Azhar Hood"

We then got this email:

"Hi there,

There could not be a more deserving person to receive this reward, however, I realized after speaking with Rob that the person who nominated him quoted that he coached the Avon View softball team, but he did not.

Here is a list of all of the things (plus many others I did not list) that Rob does coach or head up in his “spare” time after being a full-time, total devoted teacher to his students, a fantastic father to two young children, and heading up all the fund raising for all of the activities he runs…

Avon View Girls Hockey

West Hants Middle School Science Club through which he did just accompany a student to the 2018 Canada Wide Science Fair and took the Science Club on a trip to Dalhousie

Regional Science Fair Committee

West Hants Middle School Girls Softball

West Hants Middle School Beginner Hockey

West Hants Middle School Intramural Hockey

Both of the hockey leagues run early in the morning before school takes in through the winter.  He fundraises enough money for the ice time and makes sure each participant that wants to take part has the required gear.

This really is just a small snapshot of what a wonderful individual he is.  If anyone, student or staff mentions a need of any kind, he jumps at the chance to help.

I know the write up is already posted but I was hoping it might be able to be adjusted, first of all to correct the statement that he coaches AV Softball team (because he would never want to steal someone else’s glory) but also to show what he really contributes to his school and community.

We at West Hants Middle School are so blessed to have him at our school.  I personally am embarrassed I did not know about this award an nominate him myself."


May 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Sharon Milne

Teacher's School: Berwick and District School

What do they teach? Gr 1/2

April 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Sean Connolly
Teacher's School: Avon View High School
What do they teach? The lead teacher of the O2 program (Career Development 10, Community Based Learning 10, O2 Co-op 11 & 12)
Emma Freckelton


March 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Nicole Philpitt 

Teacher's School: Rowan’s Room Respite & Developmental Centre

February 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Bill Dickson

Teacher's School:  Landmark East

January 2018: 

Teacher's Name: Heather Chipman

Teacher's School: Glooscap Elementary

What do they teach? Grade 3

December 2017

Teacher's Name: Timothy Charles

Teacher's School: Horton High School

What do they teach? English/Advanced English 11, Pre-IB English 10, and IB English 11/12


November 2017

Teacher's Name: Melissa Robar
Teacher's School: Kingston Elementary 
What do they teach? French Immersion Primary

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